Our Facility


Trakya Elektrik’s nominal power is 478 MW. The plant was designed to oparate with minimum staff and with automatic control operation. Trakya Elektrik yield is about 52 % and had been established to operate as a base load power plant also designed to respond to sudden load  changes. There are  2 siemens built V94,2 generators of 154 MW each in the plant. Also a steam turbine of 182 MW operates with steam which is produced from the gas turbine hot gas waste heat boilers. Gas turbines are designed to pass through from natural gas to fuel oil during operation without having to be disabled.  If there is an interruption in the supply of natural gas, for 15 days at full load with auxiliary fuel tanksare in capacity  to carry on production.


Trakya Elektrik Power Plant  is the first major power plant which was built in “build-operate-transfer” model in Turkey, which was financed internationally. This plant operates with neutral gas and produces 3,6 billion kW/hour electric (this is 3,5% of yearly production of Turkey) 

This is contributing to meet   rapidly growing energy needs of Turkish  economy. Total investment for the project is 600 million dollars.


To build Trakya Elektrik Power Plant the international investment had been provided by US Export-Import Bank, Overseas Investment Corporation (OPIC), Bankers and Trust Company, Bayerische Landesbank, Girozentrale and Siemens A.G. 


Trakya Elektrik power plant was built in accordance with strict environmental rules and specifications of the Government of Turkish Republic, U.S. Eximbank and World Bank. As a part of the company’s philosophy;  the business and production processes impact on  air, water and soil quality should be minimum, and appropriate care has been taken at the highest level. Before the plant construction activities, independent environmental specialists and consultants from  Middle East Technical University prepared  extensive research reports in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and studies have been carried, then this report was  approved by the Ministry of Environment of Turkish Republic. Trakya Elektrik  Power Plant with its clean fuel gas usage,  high operatingefficiency and the use of new combustion technologies with extremely low sulfur and nitrogen oxide emissions is an  environmental friendly power plant. Trakya Elektrik Power Plant’s effect on the atmosphere are two times lower per KW / h  than those of carbon dioxide-generating plants. For the cooling system,  water  from the sea is used,  so cooling  system towers are not needed in this respect  there are  no negative visual impacts. Cooling system water is cycled back to nature without any negative effect to environment. During the design of the plant extremely meticulous and rigorousmeasures had  been taken into consideration about noise.


Trakya Elektrik Power Plant by Enron – Gama Consortia was established in less than 29 months which was rather in front of the program. During the construction of world  wide enviromental protection, safety, quality standards were reached. Main equipment suppliers were  Siemens AG (gas and steam turbines) and Nooter/Eriksen (waste heat boilers). The construction started in september 1996 and commercial operation started in the early 1999.


Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power generation technology is more effective than a simplecycle power plants. A thermal efficiency of 55% level is reached by using this technology. This ratio remains  37 % in  the most efficient coal plants. As a result, each generatedenergy  of KW / h with this technology  consumes 45 % less fuel. The neutral gas used in Trakya elektrik is provided from Botas LNG terminal by a pipe which is located next to the plant.

The Advantages of Project

Trakya Elektrik promises to produce electric energy for 20 years. The investment to build the plant had been provided by international companies so there was no additional burden to the public budget was brought.construction period was short. Project was commercial in 29 months. This project was an alternative production to the thermal and hydroelectric power plants which were highly located in the southeast of the country.Trakya elektric power plant is using clean and environmentally friendly natural gas for production. Trakya elektrik with its location to the centers of high energy necessities especially to İstanbul is reducing the burden on the national electricity transmission system and has a positive effect to increase the system performance. Combined cycle gas technology which is used in the plant  has a proven activity.